MedFinManager™ is a specialty financial services company offering a unique range of services aimed at both accelerating cash flow and eliminating monetary risk for medical providers. MedFin's value proposition optimizes gain for all parties involved in lien-based medical care, including medical providers and their patients.
The U.S. Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports that 6.3 million vehicular accidents occur on US roadways each year. It is approximated that roughly 3 million people are injured in those accidents, about one person every other accident, a staggering number which is only compounded when we account for injuries resulting from non-vehicular accidents.
Unfortunately, a significant percentage of those injured are uninsured. In fact, national reports indicate that there are 46.5 million Americans without access to health insurance. These numbers only continue to rise - the ranks of the uninsured increased by 2.1 million between 2005 and 2006 alone.
What do you do if you are an individual who has sustained an accident-related injury but lack the money or health insurance to cover the cost of your much needed care? Even though your accident-related injuries were caused by the negligence of another, defendants and their insurance companies are not known to regularly forward monies to injured plaintiffs prior to settlement. The sad result: many injured persons are forced to delay or suffer without the healthcare they desperately require.
On the other hand, what do you do if you are a surgeon or a hospital asked to provide care to a prospective patient who is uninsured and unfunded? Healthcare providers are frequently asked to render their services with only the security of a lien or an attorney's letter of protection. Both of which, however, require the healthcare providers to wait an extended amount of time for payment while assuming the significant risk that payment may never materialize. The burden is heavy, especially when the medical care required is complicated and expensive.
Injured individuals are often forced to rely on the legal system in seeking recompense for their accident-related injuries. With no guarantees, it is not unusual for litigation in such claims to take months, if not years. This can be an agonizing duration, especially for individuals awaiting the outcome a legal case before being able to pursue medical care. Though the decisions of our legal
system may be just in the end, they are hardly expeditious
The overall atmosphere surrounding lien-based medical care can be confusing and complex for everyone involved, from medical providers and patients to legal representatives. Enter MedFinManager with our unique key to unlocking this intricate puzzle.